We are proud to share some client testimonials we’ve received over the years.

oakland diocese“Thanks to you and everyone that worked or continues to work on these two projects. They are testimony to our craft and wonderful examples of what we always know will be the result of Oliver & Company involvement.”

– Mike Canizzaro, Former CFO, Oakland Diocese

Charles M. Schulz Museum“Oliver & Company is a marvelous contractor. They instill a work ethic in their people about getting it right.”

– Charles M. Schulz Museum

“It was a pleasure working with Oliver & company and their construction managers and foremen. The company has stood behind its work guarantee and has even returned after the year warranty period to be sure everything is perfect.”

– Jean Schulz, Charles M. Schulz Museum

Magnes“I want to pass on what a pleasure it was to work with Oliver and Company again and that everyone thinks your team on the Magnes was awesome. Many people have mentioned this to me in the last couple of days, not the least of which is our client, the Museum, who really appreciated that the team was helpful even after you guys were officially off the job. You should be very proud of your team and what they have accomplished.”

– Peter W. Pfau, Pfau Long Architecture, Ltd.

“I wanted to say thank you for delivering us such a stellar team of construction workers. You guys did, as usual, a phenomenal job and it came out absolutely fabulous. The Grand Opening and ribbon cutting is at noon on Sunday and would love you to be there and be one of the people standing up there cutting the ribbon.”

– Barry Cohn, Magnes Museum Foundation

“Oliver & Company’s involvement with the organization goes back years. They were integral to the planning of capital campaign, evaluating sites, and preparing estimates for earlier iterations of building designs. Their style of project management made the project a joy to work on for all involved. Their communication with the architect, the owner’s representative, and U.C. Berkeley’s capital projects team was courteous, responsive and effective. The project was completed on time, on budget, and with great attention to detail.”

– Alla Efimova, The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life

Congregation Shomrei Torah“The Congregation Shomrei Torah Board of Directors expresses its heartfelt thanks for the many years that you have spent working with us. The project has been successfully completed and that could not have occurred without your efforts. We at CST have always sung praises of Oliver & company, but we can’t ever do so loudly enough. This mess would never have been resolved without your expertise, diligence and hard work. Oliver & Company was truly amazing.”

– Congregation Shomrei Torah Board of Directors

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts“Thanks so much to Oliver & Company for sharing your generous time and expertise with the Center’s new Facility/Production Manager and for your ongoing care and partnership in keeping the Winters Building humming for our students and community.”

– Jordan Simmons, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

Escuela Bilingüe Internacional“Escuela Bilingüe Internacional and I are very thankful for your diligence and good work for our campus and school community.”

– Margaret Parker Salop, Escuela Bilingüe Internacional

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School-Alameda“I am not sure I ever called you to thank you, once again the quality of workmanship of your people, their attitude, everything they did to make our project this summer work out as well as it did. Please accept my grateful thoughts and best wishes to you for the way you run your business and for what you’ve done for us. I look forward to continually working with you as we go forwardto take care of a few more things here for Saint Joseph’s. Thanks.”

– Andrew Reed, Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School- Alameda

Bancroft Hotel and Caffe Strada berkeley“Thank you to Oliver & Company for all your help and advice with our house and the hotel. It’s a privilege to have your company as our contractor.”

– Daryl Ross, Owner of Bancroft Hotel and Caffe Strada in Berkeley

testy_delta-electrical“I wish all GC’s were like O&Co…and everyone I talk to that works for you folks feels the same. We are always hoping you get all the jobs because you are all on top of it and do an amazing job–I believe from both the Owner’s and subs standpoint! We really appreciate the detail and time you spend doing business ethically…thanks to all of you!”

– Tracy Berry, Delta Electrical Construction, Inc.

Asian Health“Oliver and Company was retained as the general contractor because of their experience working within the tight confines of urban infill sites, and the high quality of their work and coordination.”

– East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation

444 Natoma Street, San Francisco“We’re thrilled with how 444 Natoma looks and how well the Oliver & Company team did in finishing ahead of schedule and under budget. Working with your team is a wonderful experience.”

– Andra Lichtenstein, Capital Incubator

San Francisco Film Centre“The outstanding leadership and quality of workmanship provided by Oliver & Company was an integral reason for the success of these rehabilitation projects. They also understood that projects done by a non-profit face a different challenge relative to their budget and time line than a for profit developer. They worked diligently to monitor costs and come up with creative solutions to keep costs down while still accomplishing the goals and dreams of the clients and staying on schedule. I believe Oliver & Company went way beyond the norm to give of their time and concern for the organizations and the end result speaks for itself.”

– Melanie Blum, San Francisco Film Centre

Valley Montessori“I just want to express how thrilled I am with the Oliver team. They have done a great job with laughter all the way. They are the perfect partners.”

– MaryEllen Kordas, Director, Valley Montessori School

BAR Architects“The unique quality of Oliver & Company’s contribution to their projects is an approach which is only perceptible if one is able to observe closely how their interaction with the clients draws out their critical needs and aspirations within the complexities of construction. It is this ability to personalize each project delivery and continue to support and reassure the clients throughout the life of the project, and in some cases beyond, that is among the most important strengths for the final result.”

– Debra Lehtone, BAR Architects

ODC“As a non-profit arts organization, inevitably and understandably, our greatest need going into each project was to bring it in on time and, most importantly, on budget. With ODC’s construction projects, Oliver & Company did both. Through their years and range of experience, Oliver & Company, on numerous occasions, found solutions that saved ODC money without sacrificing quality and without veering from the architect’s plans and vision. From estimating to final punch list items, Oliver & Company is on board and dedicated to a project. You have access to Steve Oliver throughout the process and his project teams are experienced, quality-driven, responsive individuals. They are present every step of the way.”

– Lori Laqua, Former Director of ODC

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